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Health and Wellness

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Let us help you create a healthy culture and promote health and wellness throughout your organization.

Create a Healthy Culture

Interested in creating a health-centered culture for your work force? Medica makes it as easy as 1-2-3 for you.

Step 1: Help Your Employees Register on

Help your employees learn about their health with our online health and wellness resources on Once members register and log in, they'll be directed to resources customized to their needs and your plan offerings.

The secure site is personalized and tailored to each individual’s unique health situation. It will help employees make important decisions about improving their health. And the built-in incentive rewards for completing certain health activities are proven to be successful in encouraging employees to make healthier choices.

Register on »


Step 2: Encourage Employees to take the Compass™ Health Assessment on

Encourage your employees to take the Compass health assessment at the Health and Wellness tab on The confidential questionnaire gives your employees a report about their current health status, potential health risks, and steps they can take to improve their health. 

Research has shown that employers have a higher percentage of employees take health assessments when part of a company-sponsored promotion or activity, with a deadline for completion.

Take the Compass Health Assessment on »


Step 3: Promote Ongoing Activities

Once your employees have completed their health assessments, it’s time to take action and keep them engaged in health and wellness activities. We have additional activities you can promote health and wellness throughout the year:

Redbrick Compass is a trademark owned by Redbrick Health Corporation.

Promote Health and Wellness

Want some simple and inexpensive ways you can promote wellness at your company? We’ve put together some easy-to-implement ideas – you’ll be surprised at how these simple ideas can make a big difference in helping encourage healthy behaviors for your employees.

Healthy Change How to Implement the Healthy Change
Put your vending machines on a diet. Get rid of the cookies and candy bars, and replace them with healthier snacks such as granola bars and reduced-fat or low-calorie treats. 
 Hand out pedometers.

For as little as $3.00 each, you can supply every employee with a pedometer. Start a walking club, maybe with small rewards for those who hit mileage goals, but keep it simple and attainable. 

 Promote social wellness. Set up a board game tournament, volleyball, ping pong, or bocce ball games during breaks or a lunch hour. 
 Offer healthy foods at meetings or when using a caterer. Ditch the donuts and offer fruit, yogurt, low-fat bread and muffins. 
 Take the Stairs Campaign.

Encourage your employees to take the stairs at your company. Ideas, posters and instructions are available online.  

Visit StairWELL to Better Health »

 Have a fruit and/or vegetable day once a quarter to encourage employees to eat healthier. Provide information on why fruits and vegetables are an important part of a healthy diet.

Check out Fruits and Veggies Matter » 
 Encourage a "stretch of the day." Give your employees stretches they can do at their desk during the day or have a stretch of the day at one of your employee meetings. 
 Encourage random acts of kindness Encourage your employees to experience feelings of goodwill and help build a positive culture in the workplace or family by performing a random act of kindness each week for three weeks. 
 Provide a lunch and learn seminar on a health topic. Look for local resources. Contact local health and volunteer organizations for speakers. 
 Provide blood pressure checks. Contact a local clinic or community health organization to come in to your worksite. 


View additional tips for building an effective wellness program »

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