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Member Communications

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Medica to Member

Your employees may have received some of these mailings. In case your employees missed any of these mailings or you would like to distribute them, we’ve included them here for easy access.

Medica to Member

Email Newsletter


This email newsletter is available to your employees every other month.  Each issue features topics to help better educate them about their Medica plan and discover new ways to improve health and wellness. 

In the October 2018 issue:

  • Cancer Screenings: Reduce Your Risk
  • Eye Health and Why it’s Important
  • My Health Rewards by Medica®

View the October 2018 Issue (PDF)

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Optum Health

Below are mailings sent to members from Optum Health.

Medica CallLink

Employee Assistance Program

Regulatory Notices

The How to Get the Care You Need booklet is a guide that includes information for members to learn more about their coverage, getting the care they need, meeting individual health care needs, keeping members healthy, the role of Medica in member health care, and more.
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