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Worksite Wellness

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Healthy Changes to Promote Wellness

Want some simple and inexpensive ways you can promote wellness at your company? We've put together some easy-to-implement ideas — you'll be surprised at how these simple ideas can make a big difference in helping encourage healthy behaviors for your employees.


Healthy Change How to Implement the Healthy Change
Put your vending machines on a diet Get rid of the cookies and candy bars, and replace them with healthier snacks such as granola bars and reduced-fat or low-calorie treats. 
 Hand out pedometers

For as little as $3 each, you can supply every employee with a pedometer. Start a walking club, maybe with small rewards for those who hit mileage goals, but keep it simple and attainable. 

 Promote social wellness Set up a board game tournament, volleyball, ping pong, or bocce ball games during breaks or a lunch hour. 
 Offer healthy foods at meetings or when using a caterer Ditch the donuts and offer fruit, yogurt, low-fat bread and muffins. 
 Have a quarterly fruit and/or vegetable day to encourage healthy eating Provide information on why fruits and vegetables are an important part of a healthy diet.

Have a Plant –
 Encourage a "Stretch of the Day" Give your employees stretches they can do at their desk during the day or have a stretch of the day at one of your employee meetings. 
 Encourage random acts of kindness Encourage your employees to experience feelings of goodwill and help build a positive culture in the workplace or family by performing a random act of kindness each week for three weeks. 
 Provide health-related lunch and learn seminars Look for local resources. Contact local health and volunteer organizations for speakers. 
 Offer blood pressure checks Contact a local clinic or community health organization to come in to your worksite. 


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