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Virtual Care

Virtual care visits are a quick and easy way to get care from a provider online for common conditions. Your plan includes video visits or e-visits through MyChart as options for your care. 

  • Video visits are scheduled appointments with your healthcare provider where you connect via the Hennepin Healthcare MyChart mobile app on your smartphone or tablet, or via a camera-enabled laptop or desktop computer browser. Learn more about video visits.
  • E-visits through your MyChart account offer direct care through email messages with providers. MyChart e-visits are a safe way to receive personal care in a convenient way, for your common medical concerns. A provider will respond within 24 hours. Learn more about e-visits.

Sign up for a MyChart account and request a virtual visit


Amwell is a 24/7 online clinic available in all states. It’s a great option when your primary care doctor is not available or you are traveling. Have a virtual care visit with a board-certified doctor using the web or mobile app for common medical conditions. Sign up for Amwell, select a doctor and start your visit. The doctor will review your history, answer questions, diagnose, treat and prescribe medication (if needed).

With Amwell, you can also access therapy or psychiatry services for behavioral health concerns such as anxiety, depression and stress (covered under your plan as a behavioral health office visit). Amwell offers other online services, but is not an in-network provider for those services with your plan. You can use additional services, but you will pay the full cost of the service.

Visit Amwell to start your visit

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