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Physicians and Facilities

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Medica EssentialSM

Please confirm that a provider is in your plan's network before each visit. Keep in mind that some providers see patients at more than one location, but not all locations may be in the network.

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Network Providers

For your highest level of benefits, visit providers — including specialists and hospitals — in the care system you've chosen.

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Coverage When You Travel

When you're away from home and need care, you can get network benefits by visiting a provider in the Travel Network.

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Connect with a provider using your computer or mobile device to get a diagnosis and treatment – even a prescription if you need one.

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Your network includes mental health providers who practice at all levels of counseling and treatment.

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If you're enrolled in a dental plan through Medica, choose your dental plan's network below. If you don't know your plan's name, check your benefit materials. Dental Explorer members can visit any licensed dentist; see your benefit materials for more details.

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Medical Equipment and Supplies

When you need durable medical equipment and supplies, you have two options:

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Pharmacy Locations

Looking for a pharmacy in your plan's network? There are plenty to choose from.

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Before You Receive Care

With Medica Essential, you enroll in a primary care clinic (PCC), which is affiliated with a care system. To see a provider outside your care system, you'll need a referral first.

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Medica is a Qualified Health Plan issuer in the MNsure Health Insurance Marketplace.

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