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What’s Your Best Match?

There is a lot to consider when choosing a Medicare plan. Different types of Medicare plans provide coverage that fit different needs and situations. When making your decision, it helps to take into account the following factors: your budget, your health (including any chronic conditions), your prescription drug needs and your lifestyle

The scenarios below illustrate common enrollment challenges and how Medicare choices could be made.*

workout woman Lynda

Her Best Match: Medicare Advantage Planmy best match

Lynda cares about her health and works everyday to make healthy choices. She also cares about the health of her finances so premium cost was an important factor when she was choosing her Medicare plan. Lynda likes to keep things simple and was attracted to the idea of a plan with combined medical and Part D drug coverage.

Lynda's Best Match:

Lynda decided that the Medica Advantage Solution plan was exactly what she needed.

  • The monthly premium was low and the maximum out-of-pocket limit put a cap on how much she might have to pay each year for copays/coinsurance.
  • Advantage Solution combines medical and Part D drug coverage in one convenient plan.
  • Plus, Lynda got a free SilverSneakers membership through Advantage Solution. Lynda's favorite gym was in the SilverSneakers network so she no longer needs to pay her monthly $50 gym membership fee.

woman smiling Vivian

Her Best Match: Medicare Supplement Planmy best match

Vivian is turning 65 this year and she is excited about this stage of life. She likes to take trips abroad and plans to spend winters in Phoenix to be near her daughter so it is important to her to be able to see any doctor she wants, wherever she is. And she likes predictability — including predictable $0 copays.

Vivian's Best Match:

Vivian discovered that the Medica Signature Solution Medicare Supplement Extended Basic plan gives her what she needs.

  • The plan has $0 copays for most medical services.
  • Vivian can visit any doctor that accepts Medicare anywhere in the U.S.
  • The benefits stay the same from year to year.
  • Vivian does not take prescription drugs but since Signature Solution is a medical-only plan, she found an affordable stand-alone Part D plan in case she needs drug coverage in the future.

woman smiling Robert and Susan

Their Best Match: Medicare Cost Planmy best match

Robert and Susan have been enjoying retirement for several years. They are both active in the community and like to spend time with a group of neighbors that get together for casual events like impromptu barbecues and the annual Super Bowl party. A couple times each year they hit the road to visit relatives across the country.

Susan and Robert do have some health issues. Susan has a back problem that sends her to the chiropractor regularly and Robert is taking several prescription drugs for chronic conditions.

Robert and Susan's Best Match:

Robert and Susan decided that the Medica Prime Solution Cost plan gives them what they need.

  • The monthly premium and doctor visit copays are affordable.
  • They have access to nationwide travel coverage when they are outside the plan service area.
  • Susan was happy that her chiropractor was in the large Prime Solution provider network and Robert was pleased with the plan's low copays for his prescription drugs.

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