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Welcome to My Plan by Medica

From now on, choosing and enrolling in your health plan will be different. It's going to become more personalized. You'll have more choices. And you're going to have a stronger voice than ever before in your own health care. It's really all about getting the most value from your health plan to better meet your own needs.

  • What is a defined contribution benefits program? Learn More
    • My Plan by MedicaSM is a defined contribution benefits program. So instead of buying one health plan for all employees, your employer is making available a "defined" amount of money in a My Plan account that you use to purchase a health plan that fits your own individual needs. My Plan was created specifically to do just that – give you a plan that fits you.

Currently a member

Once you've enrolled, we're here to help if you have questions about your benefits, your coverage, or any of the health and wellness programs.

Currently a member

If you're now eligible for coverage - or if you need to change your coverage due to a life event:

  • First, contact your employer.

  • Then access the My Plan by Medica website or call a
    My Plan Advisor at 1-855-3MYPLAN or 1-855-369-7526.