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Pharmacies and Prescriptions

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Pharmacy Information

For Medica Individual and Family Business Members

Search the Medica Drug List

Use our online tool to see how your prescription drugs are covered.

NOTE: Your actual costs may vary. Drugs listed in this search tool are subject to change and is not all-inclusive. Under your specific plan design, certain drugs listed in this tool may be excluded or require prior authorization to obtain coverage. Check your benefit plan documents for specific coverage information.

Price a medication

View the Complete Medica Drug List

Use the list below to see how your prescription drugs are covered.

2020 Drug List for Plans in Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota and Oklahoma (PDF)

Search Network Pharmacies

Use our online directory to find a network pharmacy near you.

Pharmacy locator tool

Step Therapy

Step Therapy is a program focused on using cost-effective prescription drugs as first-line treatment when appropriate. The program is used for certain conditions where there are many treatment options available. Drugs that require Step Therapy are noted on the drug list. Some drugs may also require prior authorization.

In Step Therapy, you try the Step 1 preferred drug or drugs first. Step 1 drugs are cost efficient and effective options. If the Step 1 drug isn't effective, you can then try the Step 2 drug. In some cases, you may need to try more than one Step 1 drug before trying a Step 2 drug.

Step Therapy applies to all members, regardless of their plan type. That means that if you don't try the Step 1 drug or drugs first, then a Step 2 drug won't be covered. Your doctor may request an exception if your current drug is the best clinical option for you. If authorization is given, we'll continue coverage of your current drug. If the request is denied, you may appeal the decision.

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