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Administrative Resources

Administrative Manuals

Below you have access to the Medica Administrative Manual and the SelectCareTM Administrative Manual.

Medica Administrative Manual

The administrative manual is a resource for all clinic and facility staff, including physicians and other health care providers, nurses, and all business office staff. This manual ensures that you have accurate and timely information about Medica products, programs, policies and procedures.

Medica Administrative Manual


Other Manuals

This manual is delivered to you in accordance with a provider’s SelectCare Participation Agreement (the “Agreement”). This manual describes the administrative policies and procedures of this PPO.

For details regarding the basic elements of your Agreement with SelectCare, please refer to the body of the Agreement. To the extent of any conflict between this manual and your Agreement, the Agreement will govern.

Note: Some SelectCare third-party administrators (TPAs) may apply their own policies or code edits. See more directly from these TPAs:

The United Healthcare Administrative Guide can be reviewed and/or printed via the UnitedHealthcare Online portal.

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If you are a first-time user and need an ID and password or if you are an existing user and need additional assistance, please call 1-866-UHC-FAST (1-866-842-3278).

Reporting Obligations

We offer information and forms intended our network providers to use in responding to reporting obligations required by law, contract or accreditation standards (including those required by the National Committee for Quality Assurance, or NCQA®).

See reporting obligations

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