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Join Our Provider Network

Join Our Provider Network

The following information outlines the process for out-of-network providers who wish to join the Medica provider network. Contracting information found on this page is for clinics, facilities/organizations and ancillary services providers (as defined below) who would like to begin the contracting and credentialing process. Complementary providers need to use the link below to complete credentialing information.

Note: This information is for providers in the Medica service area, as specified below.

This information is for:

  • Clinics: This includes both primary care and specialty clinics.
  • Facilities / Organizations: This includes hospitals, nursing homes, skilled nursing facilities and ambulatory surgery centers.
  • Ancillary Services: This includes home infusion providers, home health care, durable medical equipment (DME) providers, orthotics and prosthetics (O&P) providers, personal care assistance (PCA) agencies, reference labs, hospices, transportation providers and dialysis providers.
  • Complementary Providers: This includes chiropractic, dental, pharmacy, and behavioral health/mental health providers.
    Learn how to get credentialed

    Process for Joining the Network

    If you are interested in joining the Medica provider network, please follow the three steps below to apply and submit your documentation.

    The contracting process takes approximately 90 days and is done in coordination with the Medica credentialing process. The credentialing process begins once Medica has received a completed credentialing application and takes approximately 90 days to complete.

    1. Check Service Area and Specialties

    The Medica provider network operates in the Upper Midwest, including Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and western Wisconsin. Check that your provider location is within the Medica Service Area.

    View a map of the Medica service area

    For our Individual and Family Business, Medica has Networks in Iowa, Nebraska, and Kansas. To join one of these networks please use the contacts listed below

    Specialty Lists

    Medica may deem certain specialties and/or regions in the existing Medica provider network as sufficient or adequate according to access and availability standards. These specialties and/or regions are considered "closed." Currently, Medica is not accepting applications for new providers in "closed" specialties or regions.

    Current list of closed specialties and/or regions

    If your specialty is not listed on the closed specialty list, we will consider your application to be a new provider in our network.

    Provider Located Outside of the Medica Service Area

    If your provider site is located outside the Medica service area, please contact United Healthcare at their National Credentialing Center at 877-842-3210 or visit their website.

    2. Complete Intake Process

    In order to complete the intake process, Medica requires the following complete forms:

    Medica will review the information upon receipt of all required forms. The intake process takes approximately 30 days. Providers will be contacted by phone or email regarding their application status.

    Note: The submission of intake forms and documents does not constitute a contract. Providers who require credentialing must meet Medica credentialing standards.

    Network Participation Denial

    If you have previously been denied network participation, you can reapply to join our network and we will contact you when a need arises. You may resubmit your information at any time by completing the Provider Contract Intake Form.

    New Provider Services or Extended Service Area

    If you previously submitted your provider information and have updates on your services or service area, you may resubmit your information at any time by completing the Provider Contract Intake Form.

    3. Complete Credentialing Process

    Providers who wish to join the Medica provider network need to be credentialed as well as contracted with Medica. To learn more about the credentialing application process and requirements, select your provider type:

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