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Multicultural Health Resources

Many clinics have expressed the need for tools and resources to help them address the complex diversity issues they face each day in the course of caring for their patients. Medica is committed to supporting this need by providing access to current information and resources that are available directly from Medica or externally.

Medica Resources

Walking in Their Shoes: Enhancing Authentic Practitioner-Patient Communication

Medica developed the Walking in Their Shoes training programs to be used as tools for improving the quality of your patient-caregiver interactions. These programs are designed to improve communication skills across cultures and across all levels of health literacy.

Walking in Their Shoes training program 

Translated Signage

Medica has prepared a set of translated signs for optional use in your facility. The signs include a message that is first displayed in English, then followed by Spanish, Hmong, Somali and Russian translations.

Translated signage (PDF)

Ask Your Doctor Checklist

Medica has created a checklist for your patients to use as they prepare for a visit. These checklists are available in the following languages: English (PDF), Hmong (PDF), Russian(PDF), Somali (PDF) and Spanish (PDF).

The Medica Foundation

The Medica Foundation sets funding priorities on an annual basis. Each priority has a potential opportunity for focus in the broader community and the delivery system. The Foundation selects and funds grant-based initiatives that address community-health issues and support the mission and giving guidelines of Medica.

This includes funding programs that support the unique needs of diverse communities by reducing barriers to health care services and improving overall health status. Since 2003, the Medica Foundation has contributed more than $11 million to providers and community organizations to help address health concerns in Minnesota.

Medica Foundation

Minnesota Resources

Health Resources Directory

The Health Resources Serving Diverse Cultural Communities is a quick reference for individuals working to identify appropriate health services for refugees and immigrants.

Health Resources Directory (PDF)

Ethnic Media Directory

A quick reference for individuals working to identify appropriate ethnic media channels that currently reach refugees and immigrants in the Twin Cities metro area and, to a limited extent, in greater Minnesota.

VEthnic Media Directory (PDF)

Mutual Assistance Associations-Community Based Organizations (MAA-CBO)

The MAA-CBO Directory was created to be a quick reference for individuals working to identify appropriate community-based agencies that serve Minnesota's many diverse communities.

MAA-CBO Directory (PDF) 

Multilingual Health Resources Exchange

The Exchange website is the result of collaboration among more than a dozen health care organizations in Minnesota. The goals of the Exchange are:

  • to share translated materials that have been developed in Minnesota and nationwide; to share health education approaches that work for patients whose first language is not English;
  • to develop a clearinghouse for translated written, audio and video health education resources;
  • and to jointly create new materials in multiple languages.

Exchange website

Emergency and Community Health Outreach (ECHO)

ECHO bridges the gap for immigrants and refugees in Minnesota, providing multi-language health, safety, civic engagement and emergency readiness communication.


National Resources 

Health Roads Media

This website provides a broad selection of free health education materials in a number of languages and a variety of formats which include handouts, audio, multimedia, web video and mobile media (iPod).

Healthy Roads Media website

Health Translations Directory

This "Cue Card" resource assists health professionals and clients with basic English translation needs for multiple languages.

Health Translations directory

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