With Medica Elect, you enroll in a primary care clinic (PCC). This clinic coordinates your overall care and will help you find a specialist when you need one. Whenever you need care (unless it's an emergency), always start at your primary care clinic.

Each family member on your plan can choose their own primary care clinic. For example, your child's PCC may be a pediatric clinic, while yours may be a family practice clinic.

To find a PCC:
    1. In the search tool, choose "Facilities and Services" (under the main search fields), then choose "Clinic – Primary Care."
    2. Narrow your results by entering your ZIP code or choosing a Care System, Specialty or other criteria.
    3. In your results, look for the clinic's Care System listing. That's where you'll find the clinic's PCCID, which is the number you'll use to choose this clinic as your PCC when you enroll. A PCCID looks like this: PCCID: 00000000123. If no PCCID is displayed, you can't choose the clinic as a primary care clinic.

Want to change clinics?
You can change your primary care clinic as often as once a month. Just use the primary care clinic change form.

Change my primary care clinic