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North Dakota Health Plans

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2019 Individual and Family Plan Options

Where you live determines what's available to you. To personalize your coverage, follow our easy three-step process below.

Step 1: Understand Your Network Options

First, you'll want to choose your network — this is who and where your care comes from. We offer a broad network that will give you access to a large system of providers. Or, you may be able to choose a care system network that will provide you with significant cost savings. With each network we offer a variety of plan options.


Broad Provider Network Option

This network gives you access to a large number of providers.

Medica Individual Choice

Available throughout most of North Dakota.

Care Details
  • Access to most doctors and hospitals throughout North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota and western Wisconsin     
    • 33,000+ Primary and specialty care doctors
    • 100+ Online and convenience care doctors
    • 270+ Hospitals
  • Nationwide coverage when you travel

Care System Provider Network Option

This network is localized but offers lower costs.

Altru Prime by Medica

Available in northeastern North Dakota.

Care Details
  • Access to Altru Health System doctors plus others in northeastern North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota     
    • 3,000+ Primary and specialty care doctors
    • 75+ Online and convenience care clinics
    • 18+ Hospitals
  • Nationwide coverage when you travel

Step 2: Check if You Qualify for Financial Help

You may be able to get help paying for your plan. Your household size and estimated income determine what you qualify for — either a premium tax credit and/or cost-sharing assistance.

Step 3: Shop Your Plan Options and Enroll

Medica plans are available through the Health Insurance Marketplace or directly from Medica. If you meet the guidelines in step 2 for financial help, we recommend shopping with the Marketplace to take advantage of those savings. Otherwise shop directly with us. We offer the same plans as the Marketplace—plus a special silver share plan designed for individuals shopping off-Marketplace.

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