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Plan Details

Medica Select Solution II

Plan Benefits

Medica Select Solution II supplements your Original Medicare coverage (Part A and Part B) and covers many expenses that Medicare alone does not. There are two plan options available, Basic Medicare Select and Extended Basic Medicare Select.

With Select Solution II you receive:

  • An extensive network of doctors, clinics and hospitals
  • Low or no coinsurance for most covered services (once Medicare deductibles are met)
  • Access to our HealthAdvocateTM NurseLineTM

About This Plan

Why Choose a Medigap Plan?

There are various reasons one might choose a Medigap plan like Medica Select Solution II. Want to learn more?

About choosing a Medigap plan

Plan Features

Medica Rx Savings Program

If you do not join a Medicare Part D prescription drug plan, you can take advantage of the Medica Rx Savings program, which offers preferred low pricing on prescriptions at contracted pharmacies.

Find a Physician, Clinic, Hospital or Pharmacy

See what providers and pharmacies are in the Medica network.

Provider directory

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