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Help Managing Complex Health Issues

When your health needs are more complex, our skilled medical professionals can guide you through hospitalization, discharge planning and post-discharge care. These clinical advocates provide clinical support and condition-specific education to help you manage complex or catastrophic health conditions and navigate the health care system.

How Case Management Can Help

When your health care needs become complex, nurse case managers can provide:

  • An assessment of your health care needs
  • Information about your condition
  • An overview of treatment options and providers
  • An opportunity to ask questions and weigh options
  • Information about available resources, including resources in your community
  • Information about centers of excellence for various types of transplants

The program gives you a single point of contact with a registered nurse and is:

  • Phone based
  • Free and voluntary
  • Completely confidential

Members who work with our case managers tend to have fewer complications and safer, healthier outcomes.

Call today to speak to a clinical advocate and get the help you need.

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Contact Us

Clinical advocates are available Monday – Friday,
8 a.m. – 5 p.m.


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