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Pediatric Case Management Programs

The case manager's objectives are to:

  • Promote and facilitate case management of medically fragile, technology-dependent, or high social risk infants and children.
  • Work collaboratively with hospital staff, physicians, social service staff, primary caregivers and families in the discharge planning process.
  • Minimize rehospitalization.
  • Ensure that parents or other caregivers receive appropriate training and feel confident in providing care for their children in a nurturing environment.

Pediatric case managers are registered nurses responsible for case management of infants or children with special needs. The case manager:

  • Works closely with hospital staff, physicians and families to ensure that quality care is being delivered efficiently and to facilitate the transfer of the child to home as soon as is appropriate.
  • Manages all intensive home health care needs of the child with the goal of reaching or maintaining an optimal outcome.
  • Works with other community resources to assist the family in coordinating all services needed by the child.

For more information, call Care Management at 1-800-458-5512, provider option 1, option 4.

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