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Trademarks + Copyright

Trademarks + service marks

Medica Health Plans or a member of Medica's family of health services companies or their third-party content providers own the trademarks and service marks shown or referenced on this site.

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©2003-2021 Medica.

A representative sample of the trademarks and service marks used by Medica Health Plans and its family of health services companies follows.

  • Altru & You with Medica℠
  • Altru Prime by Medica℠
  • Applause®
  • Bold by M Health Fairview and Medica℠
  • BrokerLink®
  • Dean Advantage℠
  • DeanCare Gold℠
  • Elevate by Medica℠
  • Engage by Medica℠
  • Essentia Choice Care with Medica℠
  • Fit Choices℠ by Medica
  • Focus on Health™
  • Getting Fit Just Got Easier℠
  • Health Advantage by Medica®
  • Health Plans for Everyone℠
  • Health Plans for You℠
  • HealthConnect™
  • HealthE by Medica℠
  • Healthy Attitudes™
  • Healthy Living with Medica℠
  • Inspiration Health by HealthEast and Medica℠
  • Inspire by Medica℠
  • Integrated Care by Medica℠
  • It's Your Health™
  • LaborCare®
  • Living Smarter™
  • Medica®
  • Medica® (Medica logo with match symbol)
  • Medica® (Medica blue colored logo)
  • Medica® (Expanded services descriptions)
  • Medica AccessAbility Solution®
  • Medica Advantage Solution®
  • Medica Advantage with SSM℠
  • Medica® Applause® (or Applause®)
  • Medica Basics℠
  • Medica Behavioral Health℠
  • Medica CallLink®
  • Medica with CHI Health℠
  • Medica Choice®
  • Medica Choice Care℠
  • Medica Choice® Passport
  • Medica Clear Solution®
  • Medica.com®
  • Medica Complete Health℠ (featuring care at Mayo Clinic)
  • Medica Complete Solution®
  • Medica Connect℠
  • Medica Connections®
  • Medica Consumer Directed Solution℠
  • Medica DentalCare℠
  • Medica DentalComplete℠
  • Medica Direct Dental℠
  • Medica Direct for Individuals℠
  • Medica Direct HSASM for Individuals
  • Medica Direct Short-Term℠ for Individuals
  • Medica Direct Value℠ for Individuals
  • Medica DUAL Solution®
  • Medica Elect®
  • Medica Elite Solution℠
  • Medica Encore℠
  • Medica Essential℠
  • Medica Fit Steps℠
  • Medica Focus®
  • Medica Group Advantage Solution℠
  • Medica Group Prime Solution℠
  • Medica Group Select Solution℠
  • Medica Group Signature Solution℠
  • Medica Health Plan Solution℠
  • Medica Individual Choice℠
  • Medica ONESource®
  • Medica® Prelude®(or Prelude®)
  • Medica Prime Solution®
  • Medica Quest®
  • Medica Select Solution®
  • Medica SelectCare℠
  • Medica SeniorDental®
  • Medica Signature Solution℠
  • Medica Solo℠
  • Medica Symphony® (or Symphony®)
  • Medica with Healthier You℠
  • Medica with SSM℠
  • My Best Match℠
  • My Health Manager from Medica℠
  • My Health Rewards by Medica®
  • My Health Rewards by Medica® Invest
  • MyMedica®
  • My Medica™
  • My Plan by Medica℠
  • North Memorial Acclaim by Medica℠
  • OSF with Medica Advantage ℠
  • OSF with Medica℠
  • Park Nicollet First with Medica℠
  • Patient Choice Insights℠ by Medica
  • Prelude®
  • Provide-A-Ride℠
  • Ridgeview Community Network® Powered by Medica
  • Ridgeview Distinct by Medica℠
  • Symphony®
  • Select by Medica℠
  • The Way to Better Health℠
  • VantagePlus With Medica℠
  • You're not just covered, you're cared for.℠

Delta Dental Disclaimer

Delta Dental is a registered mark of Delta Dental Plans Association (DDPA) of Oak Brook, Ill. Delta Dental of Minnesota is an independent, nonprofit dental services company and is an authorized licensee of DDPA. Delta Dental of Nebraska is an authorized licensee of DDPA. DDPA has licensed Medica to use the Delta Dental service marks in connection with Medica-branded dental insurance services marketed and sold with Medica Health insurance plans. None of the Medica health insurance products for services are sponsored, approved, recommended or endorsed by DDPA.

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© 2003-2021 Medica.