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Walking in Their Shoes

Medica developed the Walking In Their Shoes training programs to be used as tools for improving the quality of your patient-caregiver interactions. These programs are designed to improve communication skills across cultures and across all levels of health literacy.

Program Overview

Walking In Their Shoes: Enhancing Authentic Practitioner-Patient Communication

These programs are designed to improve medication compliance, patient safety, and patient satisfaction. Target audiences for the training program include clinic employees, hospital employees, and other health care workers who have direct contact with patients. The program is built for easy customization to the needs of your organization and can be downloaded from the following pages.
You choose the topic you would like to use or you may choose to use bits and pieces from both topics to put your own training program together. Each segment includes ready-to-go PowerPoint slides, class exercises, and supporting handouts.

Health Literacy

What health care providers need to know

Using the health literacy video created by the AMA, this program builds upon the materials offered by the AMA to create a comprehensive training program on health literacy. The video itself is available via the internet.

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Working with Human Differences

Working Effectively with Human Differences: Improving cross-cultural understanding
This training program focuses on training participants how to communicate effectively across cultures. Using materials that describe cultural groups residing in Minnesota; this program allows participants to learn how to communicate across cultures using the Minnesota cultural groups as examples.

Key to this training program is the use of the book, “Culture and Clinical Care.” After training, this book can become an ongoing resource for your organization. A copy of the book can be obtained from the publisher, UCSF Nursing Press. Request a copy of “Culture and Clinical Care”.

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Training Materials and Activities

Supplemental Training, Materials and Activities

After providing the basic training for your employees on health literacy and cultural competency, Medica recommends the enclosed training, materials and activities as a follow up to your training program. If you would like technical assistance with the implementation of any of these programs, please contact the Medica Provider College.

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Attachments for Supplemental Training and Activities

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