Pharmacy Benefits

Medica offers pharmacy resources to help manage prescription-drug coverage and ensure appropriate use of medications.

Resources include:

  • Preferred Drug Lists (formularies)
  • Drug management policies
  • Prior authorization forms and medication-exception forms
  • Specialty drug program
  • Policies and procedures for network pharmacies

Preferred Drug Lists (Formularies)


Individual & Family


Minnesota Health Care Programs

Medica DUAL Solution® (Medicare and Minnesota Health Care Programs Combined)

Specialty Drug Program

Medica relies on preferred vendors to manage specialty drugs for members. Fairview Specialty Pharmacy is our preferred Specialty Drug Program vendor. If a medication is not available at the Fairview Specialty Pharmacy, refer to the Specialty Drug List for additional locations.

Learn more at Fairview Specialty Pharmacy » 

Members who have questions about their specialty drug coverage, the member should call the Customer Service number listed on the back of their Medica ID card.

Specialty Drug Lists

View the 2015 Commercial Specialty Drug List »
View the 2015 Individual and Family Specialty Drug List »
View the 2015 Minnesota Health Care Programs Specialty Drug List »

For Pharmacists

The MedImpact pharmacist support center features pharmacy benefits related information as well as self-service tools to help network pharmacies provide high-quality, cost-effective services to members.

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Pharmacy Resources

Medication Request and Exception Forms