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Life insurance benefits

Protect your loved ones with coverage through the Hartford

Choosing life insurance options

Life insurance gives a tax-free benefit to survivors if you, your spouse, domestic partner, or your children pass away while covered under this plan. Everyone's needs are different — so you may want to ask a financial planner about the right amount of life insurance for your specific situation.

You have two options:

  • Basic life insurance covers only you
  • Additional voluntary life Insurance covers you and specific family members

Basic life insurance

We provide you with basic life insurance (1x your annual salary) at no extra cost. Check out the Employee Life fact sheet for more info.

Employee Life Insurance fact sheet (PDF)

Additional voluntary life insurance

You can choose this option for a larger survivor benefit to you or the family members you elect to cover. Additional voluntary life insurance allows for more personalized protection:

  • Employee Voluntary Life: You can elect 1x - 5x your annual salary to a maximum benefit of $750,000.
  • Spouse Life: You can elect up to a maximum of $250,000. The guaranteed coverage amount will be $100,000 and amounts elected above this will need an additional review. Know that spouse life coverage cannot exceed employee voluntary life coverage.
  • Child Life: You can elect up to $25,000. Children must be unmarried and their age must be from live birth to less than 19 years (or 25 years if a full time student) to be covered.

Please review the Employee Voluntary Life Insurance fact sheet for more info.

Employee Voluntary Life Insurance fact sheet (PDF)

* If you and your spouse/domestic partner both work for Medica, you cannot elect Spouse Life Insurance if your spouse/domestic partner also has Employee Life Insurance coverage through us.  In addition, both employees cannot elect Child Life Insurance, the child(ren) can only be insured by one employee/parent.


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