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Long-term disability benefits

Protect your loved ones with coverage through the Hartford

Understanding long-term disability coverage

We never expect to become disabled, but it's important to plan for the possibility of an extended absence from work. Choosing Long-term Disability (LTD) coverage means you'll continue getting a portion of your base salary if you're unable to work due to injury or extended illness.

You may apply to receive LTD benefits if you've been totally disabled for 90 calendar days. If approved, you'll receive a monthly benefit payment based on the coverage you've selected.

Choose from these LTD options1

  1. Baseline Disability: We automatically give you Baseline Disability coverage at no cost. It pays 60% of your base salary.
  2. Additional Disability: You can choose to purchase additional coverage that pays 65% of your base salary.

¹Maximum monthly benefit not to exceed $12,000.

Long-Term Disability fact sheet (PDF)


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