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Qualifying life events

For mid-year benefit changes

Understanding qualifying mid-year life events

You can change your benefit coverage during the year only if you have a qualifying mid-year life event that meets Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) Section 125 standards.

Some examples are:

  • A change in marital status (marriage, divorce, legal separation, etc.)
  • A change in dependents (birth/adoption of a child, death of dependent, dependent who has reached the maximum age to be covered, etc.)
  • You or one of your covered dependents gain or lose benefits coverage eligibility (for example, beginning or ending a job)

How to file for benefit changes

Learn more from the PDF below. You can also submit a request through the Human Resources Service Center and we’ll walk you through the process.

How to Update Your Benefits - Qualifying Life Event (PDF)

Note: Enrollment must be completed within 31 days of the effective date of the qualifying life event. If you're eligible to make coverage changes, your changes must be consistent with the qualifying event (i.e., a marriage event would allow you to add your spouse but not drop dependents; an event for a dependent reaching max age would only allow you to remove that dependent, no other changes).

All other benefit changes will need to wait until the next open enrollment period.


We can help. Please visit the HR Service Center and submit a Human Resources question.

Visit the HR Service Center

Additional info

Mid-year benefit changes are only available to you if you have a qualifying life event. If you have a change in dependents, marital status, or a change with your benefit coverage options, you may be eligible to enroll or make changes to your current benefits.

When experiencing a qualifying life event, you will be required to follow IRS guidelines when changing benefit options. To make changes to your medical, dental, life or flexible spending accounts, you must do so within 31 days of the qualifying life event. The system will guide you through the process of completing any event for which you are eligible, based on a qualifying event. Please note that all benefit changes require Human Resources approval before they are effective. 

Your current benefit elections are located within ESS under Menu > Myself > Manage My Benefits. To make changes, select Update My Benefits and choose the event that most closely describes your circumstances.

Medica provides you with comprehensive information to help you make informed decisions when choosing your Health & Welfare plan coverage. The Employee Self Service (ESS) Web site provides you only practical information to assist you with making your elections. Various documents that govern these plans can be accessed on the Employee Benefits Quick Link on IRIS. Examples of these resources include Summary Plan Descriptions (SPD), Plan Documents, benefits policies and other benefit planning tools.

Make sure that you have thoroughly reviewed all available information prior to making your elections, as these choices will determine your benefits for all of the plan year. By submitting your elections, you are acknowledging that you have read this notice, and that you have obtained and carefully reviewed these resources.

By requesting these changes, you are certifying that the information will provide in support of your requested change in election is true, accurate, and complete. The Plan Administrator will rely upon the information you provide in order to make your requested changes to your coverage elections. Falsification of any of the information provided to the Plan Administrator may result in your termination from coverage under the Plan, or termination of the coverage of your spouse and/or dependents. In addition, the Plan reserves the right to demand reimbursement for benefits paid to you or anyone receiving benefits through you based on falsified claims.

Please note: In regard to documents that are part of the Plan records (such as this form), it is a criminal violation of federal law to make any false statement or representation of fact, knowing it to be false, or to knowingly conceal, cover up, or fail to disclose any fact the disclosure of which is necessary to administer the Plan in accordance with its terms. In addition to a requirement to restore benefits that are obtained falsely, federal law imposes fines (of not more than $10,000) and/or imprisonment (not more than five years).