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My Health Rewards by Medica®

Encouraging and motivating your employees to make better health care decisions

Our My Health Rewards program serves as the foundation of an integrated and personalized health and wellness experience for our members, and is powered by RedBrick Health®  — a leader in consumer health management.

Through market-leading technology and support tools, members can establish and maintain healthy goals and habits and earn incentives for doing so. Our suite of programs offers a unique level of personalization, socialization, interaction and engagement that inspires sustainable behavior change. 

Health improvement can be fun and rewarding! My Health Rewards provides members with a set of personalized resources that motivate and challenge them to make healthy changes in their lives.

Learn about the Program

Members access simple and creative programs to adopt healthier behaviors and live healthier lives. Programs are:

  • Easy and fun: members create their own personal path to health.
  • Social and engaging: incorporates the popularity of social media, making it easy to compete with friends and coworkers.
  • Adaptive technology: accessible from multiple devices including desktops, tablets and smartphones.
  • Rewarding: healthy habits are reinforced through incentives.

My Health Rewards is included with fully insured plans and is a standard offering for self-insured plans. Employers can choose from three different programs: My Health Rewards, My Health Rewards Enhanced and My Health Rewards Results. Learn more below.

My Health Rewards

We start with small meaningful steps that are attainable and encouraging to help create new habits and ensure success though activities including:

My Health Rewards Compass Health Assessment – helping members understand their health status through an online health assessment.
My Health Rewards Next-Steps Consult Icon Next-Steps Consult® – helping members understand their health assessment through a consult with a Health Guide.
My Health Rewards Journeys

Journeys* – helping members develop healthy new behaviors through completion of steps in several health-focused journeys.
Watch the My Health Rewards – Journeys video

My Health Rewards Track

Track* – helping members reinforce and maintain healthy habits through a daily activity tracker.
Watch the My Health Rewards – Track video


Monj – helping members build healthy eating and cooking skills through Monj’s online interactive lessons.
Watch the My Health Rewards – Monj overview video

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Virtual Care Education – helping members understand their care options, including virtual care visits.

To learn more about these activities:
Watch the My Health Rewards program overview video

My Health Rewards Enhanced

My Health Rewards Enhanced makes it easy for you to integrate your own reward structure with Medica incentives to increase employee engagement. You get all the features of My Health Rewards, plus the added value of the following:

Biometric Screening – a biometric screening is an important part of a broad health and wellness program. For employers, biometric screenings provide important baseline data to shape the direction of their wellness program. For employees, these screenings provide information on current and potential medical issues. Biometric screenings can be scheduled at the workplace or delivered through many national networks.

Employer Incentives – rewarding employees for healthy behaviors. Employers interested in driving even higher levels of employee engagement can include employer-funded and administered incentives such as premium contribution changes, financial account contributions or plan design enhancements.

My Health Rewards Enhanced is a buy-up option for employers with 51+ employees (fully and self-insured).

My Health Rewards Results

My Health Rewards Results rewards healthy outcomes. It makes it easier for healthy members to earn rewards and it challenges less healthy members to change their behaviors. You get all of the features of My Health Rewards, plus the added value of the following:

Biometric Screening – a biometric screening is an important part of a broad health and wellness program. These screenings help members understand their health status and can be scheduled at the workplace or delivered through many national networks.

Results – helping members reach for healthy outcomes. Biometric screenings measure glucose level, cholesterol, body mass index (BMI) and blood pressure. Many employees aren’t even aware of these health numbers, but they are important because they strongly influence overall health and wellness. With Results, employees can earn extra points when their health numbers fall within recommended ranges.

My Health Rewards Results is a buy-up option for employers with 51+ employees (fully and self-insured).

Promote the Program

If you offer the My Health Rewards program to your employees as part of their health benefits package, you’re already on the path to better workplace health. Use our promotional materials to raise awareness of the program and encourage your employees to use it.

How to Promote the Program

Promoting the program is easy with our member engagement campaign materials. Explore the different phases of the campaign, select the materials you would like to use, and print.

Download the materials you would like to use for your workplace.

Introduction – Find your way to healthy

This poster builds awareness and encourages employees to join the program and earn rewards.

Poster 11x17 (PDF) 
MHR Introduction Thumbnail

Focus – Find your focus

Promotes the health assessment and Next-Steps Consult®, which help employees understand their health status.

Poster 11x17 (PDF)
MHR Focus Thumbnail

Next-Steps Consult®

This flier promotes Next-Steps Consult. Members can talk to a Health Guide to review their health assessment results.

Flier (PDF)
Next-Steps Thumb

Journeys* – Begin your health journey

This poster promotes Journeys. Journeys help employees develop healthy new behaviors. Employees pick a healthy topic and complete steps in their Journey.

Poster 11x17 (PDF)
MHR Journeys Thumbnail

Track* – Track your progress and earn rewards

This poster promotes Track, which gives employees credit for daily activities. Employees can log their healthy activities such as physical activity, healthy eating and life balance.

Poster 11x17 (PDF)
MHR Track Thumbnail

Biometric Screenings

This set of materials promotes biometric screenings, which gives employees information on their current health status and personal health risks. These materials are customizable so you can add screening dates, locations and how to sign up.

Flier (PDF)  | Poster 11x17 (PDF) 
 Biometric Screenings Thumbnail

Monj – Have more fun eating well

This poster promotes Monj, which is an online skill-building program focused on cooking and balanced eating. Employees can try interactive lessons and complete Daily Missions or quizzes.

Poster 11x17 (PDF)
 Monj Thumbnail

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