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Insurance basics

How insurance works

Health insurance puts a limit on the amount you pay for health care. It gives you discounts on fees from doctors, clinics, and hospitals. There are a few ins and outs to cover, but we'll help you understand what you need to know about:

  • How insurance works
  • How to choose a plan
  • How to buy a plan


Get answers to common questions about employer-provided health insurance.


Get a better understanding of what Medicare is, how it works, and how to find the right plan for you.

Tips to choose your health plan

What you need to know about coverage at key points in your life.

First-time coverage

What you need to know about shopping for insurance on your own.

Starting a new family 

How to make informed choices with a baby on the way.


How to pick a plan if you run your own business.

Early retirement

How to stay covered after you leave work behind.

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