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Medica with CHI Health

Iowa + Nebraska

2023 Care Options

See the doctors, specialists, facilities, and other programs and services covered by this plan.
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Providers + facilities

Find doctors, specialists, hospitals, and clinics in your network.


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$0 Virtual care*

Connect with a provider online or by phone.




(available to Iowa members only)

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Behavioral health

Find care options and helpful resources.


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Pharmacy locator

Find a pharmacy near you.


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24/7 NurseLine

Talk to a registered nurse at no extra cost.




Convenience Care

Find in-network health clinics in retail pharmacies and stores.


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Complex Care Management Support

Are you or your family members living with a serious or chronic health condition? You’re not alone. Case managers can partner with you and your providers to help manage health conditions and create a personalized care plan based on your health goals. Then your case manager will provide ongoing coordination and support as you’re working toward your health goals.

To get started, call:



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Durable medical equipment

Locate providers for walkers, oxygen tanks, and more.


Find a local supplier

Wellness programs

Manage your health in a way that works for you. This plan includes an array of programs and services with just the right support.

  • Preventive care
  • Online health programs
  • Health care information and decision-making tools 

See if you can get help paying for your 2023 insurance

Open enrollment has ended, so you’ll need to qualify to enroll in a health plan. You may qualify for financial help, too, even if you didn’t before.

It’s easy to see how much financial help you can get.  

You can qualify for help to pay for your 2023 health insurance based off of your 2022 household income.  We offer the same plans, benefits, doctor, and hospital options, whether or not you get help to pay for your premium.

Here are some quick guidelines.

  • You're an individual making $18,754 - $54,360 or more.**
  • You're a family of two making $25,267 - $73,240 or more.**
  • You're a family of three making $31,781 - $92,120 or more.**
  • You're a family of four making $38,295 - $111,000 or more.**

Get a quote and see how much financial help you qualify for.

Don’t qualify for financial help in 2023? No problem. 

We offer the same plans, benefits, doctor, and hospital options, whether or not you get financial help. All of our plans offer:

  • $25/month for covered insulin
  • Access to AbleTo (formerly Sanvello), a highly rated mental health app with guided meditations and coping tools
  • Coverage for virtual and in-person visits

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*If you're enrolled in an HSA plan, you need to meet your deductible before virtual care visits from these providers are $0. For all plans (copay, share, HSA, value, catastrophic), not all virtual care visits are part of your $0 virtual care benefit. You may be charged for services delivered virtually if the services don't meet the definition of virtual care in your policy document.

**All income ranges and financial help (advanced premium tax credit) qualifications are determined by Healthcare.gov. Visit https://www.healthcare.gov/glossary/federal-poverty-level-fpl/ for more information.