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Mayo Medical Plan (Mayo Clinic employees only)

This applies to Mayo Premier, Mayo Select, Mayo Custom, and Mayo Medicare Supplement plans.

Care Options

See the traditional and specialty providers, chiropractors, behavioral health specialists, facilities, and other programs and services covered by this plan.

Access providers, facilities, and durable medical equipment

The Mayo Medical Plan for Mayo Clinic employees gives you the choice to go to an in-network provider (Tier 1 and Tier 2) or out-of-network providers (Tier 3) to get care for covered services.

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24/7 Medica CallLink® Nurse Line 

Medica CallLink nurse line connects you with trusted advisors and nurses to help you get the health information you need 24/7, at no extra cost.

1-800-226-1144          (TTY: 711)

Network pharmacies

Use the Alluma™ directory to find a network pharmacy.

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Complex Care Management Support

Are you or your family members living with a serious or chronic health condition? You're not alone. Case managers can partner with you and your providers to help manage health conditions and create a personalized care plan based on your health goals. Then your case manager will provide ongoing coordination and support as you're working toward your health goals.

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Plan information

  • Use our How to Get the Care You Need guide to get information about your health plan, including:

    • Guidance on preventive screenings and immunizations
    • Your rights and responsibilities as a Medica member
    • How to file a coverage complaint or appeal

    How to Get the Care You Need guide (PDF)

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