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Reliable care from the comfort of your home. Get 24/7 treatment online or over the phone. Check with your clinic about getting virtual care for common conditions.

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Get help for mental health concerns that may be keeping you from your best life.


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Complex Care Management Support

Are you or your family members living with a serious or chronic health condition? You’re not alone. Case managers can partner with you and your providers to help manage health conditions and create a personalized care plan based on your health goals. Then your case manager will provide ongoing coordination and support as you’re working toward your health goals.

To get started, call 1-866-905-7430.

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  • In Minnesota, we're required to ensure you have access to primary care providers within 30 miles or minutes of your home, and access to specialists within 60 miles or minutes. Given the availability of providers in certain areas, that's not always possible. If so, we'll apply for a Network Adequacy Waiver from the Minnesota Department of Health.

    2024 Minnesota Department of Health Network Adequacy Waiver for Ridgeview Community Network

  • One of the unique features of an ACO plan is how Medica works with your provider to coordinate your health care. By sharing member information with each other, Medica and your ACO can help you get the care you need and deliver programs and services to help you get and stay healthy. If you or your dependents don't want Medica and the ACO to share your information with each other, complete the opt-out form or call Member Services at 1-888-592-8202.

    Please note: You will continue to receive communications directly from Medica and your ACO providers regarding the management of your care.

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  • Not sure what kind of plan you have? Check the back of your Medica ID card. A self-insured plan will state: This plan is administered by Medica Self-Insured. If you don't see this note, you have a fully insured plan.

    Fully insured (PDF)

    Self-insured (PDF)

    • Get help finding a provider by contacting a Network Navigator at 952-442-7860 or [email protected]
    • Convenient Saturday morning appointments at select clinics.

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Have a virtual care visit with a board-certified doctor using the web or mobile app for common medical conditions. Sign up for Amwell, select a doctor and start your visit. With Amwell, you can also access therapy or psychiatry services for behavioral health concerns such as anxiety, depression and stress (covered under your plan as a behavioral health office visit). Amwell offers other online services, but is not an in-network provider for those services with your plan. You can use the additional services, but you will pay the full cost of the service.