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UMN Elect/Essential  

University of Minnesota employees

With UMN Elect/Essential, you enroll in a primary care clinic (PCC), which is affiliated with a care system. To see a provider outside your care system, you'll need a referral first.

Care Options

See the doctors, specialists, facilities, and other programs and services covered by this plan.

Providers and facilities

Find the right caregiver for you. It's easy to pick from top-notch providers and facilities in your area.

Virtual Health illustration_Berry.svg

Virtual care

Reliable care from the comfort of your home. Get 24/7 treatment online or over the phone. Check with your clinic about getting virtual care for common conditions.
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Behavioral health

Get help for mental health concerns that may be keeping you from your best life.

Pharmacy locator

Keep yourself in the best possible health with access to medications from a wide range of pharmacies. See your pharmacy benefits.

Equipment + Supplies.svg

Durable medical equipment

Make sure you’re set up for better health. Search for a supplier to meet your needs.

Prescription programs-jade.svg

Medication Therapy Management (MTM)

Work with a pharmacist and be more involved in your medication decisions. This program can lead to improved health benefits and savings on medication copays.


Complex Care Management Support

Are you or your family members living with a serious or chronic health condition? You’re not alone. Case managers can partner with you and your providers to help manage health conditions and create a personalized care plan based on your health goals. Then your case manager will provide ongoing coordination and support as you’re working toward your health goals.

To get started, call 1-866-905-7430.



Whether it's a bone marrow/stem cell or organ transplant, our goal is always for you to have the best possible outcome. We'll make sure you fully understand your diagnosis and care plan so you can make the decisions that are right for you. We can also help you find a Centers of Excellence transplant facility.

Before you receive care

Getting a referral when you need one will ensure you receive your highest level of benefits. Here's what you need to know about referrals:

  • When you see a specialist within your care system, you don't need a referral.
  • If you need to see a doctor who's in the UMN Elect/Essential network, but isn't in your care system, you'll need a referral from your primary care clinic.
  • If you need to see a provider outside the UMN Elect/Essential network, you'll need a referral from your primary care clinic and pre-approval (called "prior authorization") from Medica.

With UMN Elect/Essential, you enroll in a primary care clinic (PCC). This clinic coordinates your overall care and will help you find a specialist when you need one. Whenever you need care (unless it’s an emergency), always start at your primary care clinic.

Each family member on your plan can choose their own primary care clinic. For example, your child's PCC may be a pediatric clinic, while yours may be a family practice clinic.

To find a PCC:

1. In the search tool, choose "Facilities and Services" (under the main search fields), then choose "Clinic – Primary Care."

2. Narrow your results by entering your ZIP code or choosing a Care System, Specialty or other criteria.

3. In your results, look for the clinic's Care System listing. That's where you'll find the clinic's PCCID, which is the number you'll use to choose this clinic as your PCC when you enroll. A PCCID looks like this: PCCID: 00000000123. If no PCCID is displayed, you can't choose the clinic as a primary care clinic.

Want to change clinics?

If you've already enrolled in a PCC and you want to change clinics, call us at 952-992-1814 or 877-252-5558. You can change your primary care clinic as often as once a month.


Minnesota Twin Cities Metro

All Metro

Allina Health

Children's Health Network

Fairview Physician Associates

HealthPartners Medical Group

Hennepin Healthcare

M Physicians

East Metro
Lakeview Medical Care System

West Metro
Park Nicollet Health Services

Greater Metro
Minnesota Healthcare Network

Greater Minnesota



Essentia Health East

St. Luke's Care System

Northern Minnesota
Integrity Health Network

Northwestern Minnesota
Essentia Health West

North Dakota


Eastern North Dakota

Altru Health System

Essentia Health West



Northwestern Wisconsin

Integrity Health Network

St. Luke's Care System

Western Wisconsin
Vibrant Family Health Clinics

Western Wisconsin Health (formerly Baldwin Area Medical Center) 


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Information to help you

Get answers to common questions about your plan.
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Care while traveling

Care when you're unwell and away from home.

Plan information

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Have a virtual care visit with a board-certified doctor using the web or mobile app for common medical conditions. Sign up for Amwell, select a doctor and start your visit. With Amwell, you can also access therapy or psychiatry services for behavioral health concerns such as anxiety, depression and stress (covered under your plan as a behavioral health office visit). Amwell offers other online services, but is not an in-network provider for those services with your plan. You can use the additional services, but you will pay the full cost of the service.