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Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Care

For Medica AccessAbility Solution® (SNBC),
Medica AccessAbility Solution® Enhanced (HMO D-SNP) (SNBC SNP),
Medica Choice Care℠ MSC+,
Medica Choice Care℠ PMAP,
Medica DUAL Solution® (HMO D-SNP) (MSHO), and
Medica MinnesotaCare

Get emergency help now

If you’re having a mental health or substance use emergency, please go to your nearest emergency room or crisis stabilization center.
You can also call these resources for help right now:

Get mental health support when you need it 

You don’t have to go through tough times alone. Medica’s Live and Work Well online portal* offers support for handling life’s many challenges — things like relationships, stress, anxiety, depression, and more.

* Optum Behavioral Health manages the Medica Behavioral Health program.

Find mental health care providers

Search for doctors and clinics by location, specialty, treatment method, or condition. Virtual providers are also included. Here’s how you can find providers offering care appointments within the next five business days:

  • Start a search and select “More Filters”
  • Scroll to “Availability” and select the “Express Access Network Provider” filter
  • Select “Apply”

For care right away, call MBH member services at 1-800-848-8327 to request help finding a provider that can schedule an appointment with you within one business week or less.

Access mental health tools and tests

Better understand your mental and mental health with articles, videos, webinars, and other tools. Self-improvement programs are also open for you to join.

Get one-on-one help with substance use

Talk through your options with advocates trained in substance use care and recovery. They’ll listen to you and they can usually find care that fits your needs from an in-network provider within 24 hours. Here’s how to find a provider:

  • Visit the Live and Work Well portal and select the “Conditions” icon
  • Choose “Substance Abuse Disorders” under the letter “S”
  • Filter by distance from your location

Or call our toll-free helpline 24 hours a day, seven days a week:
1 (855) 780-5955 (toll-free)     (TTY: 711)

View mental health claims

Check the “Manage Claims” section to easily find your claims info.

Visit Live and Work Well

Access on-demand mental health support

The AbleTo app is available to you from Medica at no-cost.

Get the AbleTo app to access three types of no-cost mobile support anytime and anywhere:

  • Assessments and tracking - for help checking your daily mood and managing your emotional health over time
  • Mental health skills and tools - for building your long-term coping skills through proven tactics 
  • Topic collections - for dealing with specific challenges like work stress, parenting, social injustice, and seasonal stressors like back-to-school, tax prep, and the holidays

Download Self Care by AbleTo:

Download_on_the_App_Store_Badge.png           google-play-badge.png

Medica DUAL Solution and Medica AccessAbility Solution Enhanced

8 a.m. – 9 p.m. CT, daily

Medica Choice Care MSC+ and Medica AccessAbility Solution

8 a.m. – 6 p.m. CT, Monday – Friday

Medica Choice Care PMAP and Medica MinnesotaCare

8 a.m. – 6 p.m. CT, Monday – Friday

Mailing address:

Route CP540
P.O. Box 9310
Minneapolis, MN 55440

Medica DUAL Solution® and Medica AccessAbility Solution® Enhanced are HMO D-SNPs that contract with both Medicare and the Minnesota Medical Assistance (Medicaid) program to provide benefits of both programs to enrollees. Enrollment in Medica DUAL Solution and Medica AccessAbility Solution Enhanced depends on contract renewal.

American Indians can continue to use tribal and Indian Health Services (IHS) clinics. We will not require prior approval or impose any conditions for you to get services at these clinics. For elders age 65 years and older this includes Elderly Waiver (EW) services accessed through the tribe. If a doctor or other provider in a tribal or IHS clinic refers you to a provider in our network, we will not require you to see your primary care provider prior to the referral.

Last updated: December 2023