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Personal Health Advocacy

As a Medica member, you have access to a Personal Health Advocate from HealthAdvocate℠ who can help you navigate the often complex healthcare system in a number of unique ways. Your Personal Health Advocate will help you address your healthcare concerns and will do the legwork to get you to the right providers and the right answers, including:

  • Health Advocate
  • Resolve health care claim issues and assist with negotiating billing and payment arrangements
  • Find the best doctors, hospitals, dentists and other leading health care providers anywhere in the country
  • Access highly trained registered nurses for advice and information at any time
  • Schedule appointments with providers, including hard-to-reach specialists and critical care providers
  • Address elder care and related health issues
  • Obtain unbiased health information to help you make informed health care decisions
  • Work with health care companies to obtain approvals for necessary services
  • Answer your questions about medical test results, treatments or medications recommended by your physician
  • Help you transfer medical records

Remember, Medica customer service is still the first place to go for questions about your benefits.

Nurse Line

NurseLine™ by HealthAdvocate℠ services are available for Medicare and Medicaid members 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Through one simple phone call, you can consult with a registered nurse to receive guidance on appropriate treatment options and get support for non-urgent illnesses. Nurses can also provide support with simple, self-care tips for non-urgent concerns.

HealthAdvocate℠ NurseLine™

Nurses are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The information offered by this service is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health providers with questions you may have regarding a medical condition. No part of this service is intended to provide a medical diagnosis or treatment. The information that will be provided to you will be prepared by Health Advocate and, as a result, Medica takes no responsibility for the content of the information. Health Advocate is a registered mark of West Corp.

Medica DUAL Solution and Medica AccessAbility Solution Enhanced are health plans that contract with both Medicare and the Minnesota Medical Assistance (Medicaid) program to provide benefits of both programs to enrollees. Enrollment in Medica DUAL Solution and Medica AccessAbility Solution Enhanced depends on contract renewal.

American Indians can continue to use tribal and Indian Health Services (IHS) clinics. We will not require prior approval or impose any conditions for you to get services at these clinics. For elders age 65 years and older this includes Elderly Waiver (EW) services accessed through the tribe. If a doctor or other provider in a tribal or IHS clinic refers you to a provider in our network, we will not require you to see your primary care provider prior to the referral.

Last updated: December 2021

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