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Medica Select Solution® II

Care options

Medica Select Solution II supplements your Original Medicare coverage (Part A and Part B) and covers many expenses that Medicare alone doesn't.

Providers + facilities

Medica Select Solution II offers an extensive network of:

  • Doctors and specialists
  • Mental health providers
  • Hospitals, clinics, and urgent care
  • Retail pharmacies and convenience care

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24/7 NurseLine

Talk with a registered nurse any time of day or night. You can ask questions, get advice, and find the right care for your concerns.


TTY: 711

Medica Rx Savings Program

If you don't join a Medicare Part D prescription drug plan, you can take advantage of the Medica Rx Savings Program, which offers preferred low pricing on prescriptions at contracted pharmacies.

Additional care information

Hospital-based clinics

Before making an appointment at your clinic, consider asking whether it’s a "hospital-based clinic" (also called "provider-based status").

  • A hospital-based clinic is owned by a hospital and is considered part of it, even if it's not located on the main hospital campus. These clinics can be located in a hospital or facility, or can be a stand-alone clinic.
  • Medicare requires that hospital-based clinics bill their charges differently than other types of clinics. As a result, your costs could be higher if you receive care from a hospital-based clinic.

Skilled nursing facilities

If you need skilled nursing facility care after a hospital stay, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Before going to a skilled nursing facility, Medicare requires you to stay in the hospital as an inpatient for three consecutive days. Otherwise, Medicare won't cover your skilled care charges.
  • Sometimes a hospital will put you on observation status before admitting you. This observation period doesn't count toward your three-day inpatient stay. Talk with your doctor to learn whether you've been admitted.
  • After you meet the three-day inpatient stay requirement, your skilled nursing facility charges are covered for up to 100 days each benefit period.

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Last Updated: December 2023