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All about your $0 Annual Wellness Visit

Call your doctor to schedule it today. 

What's an Annual Wellness Visit?

It's a simple chat with your doctor about how you're feeling — and how to keep your health on track this year. No needles. No lab work. No stress.

Scheduling and completing your visit are easy steps toward better health at any age. Plus: There's no cost to you.*

Need a doctor? 

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What you can expect

  • A health and medical history review
  • Time to share how your medications are working
  • A look at $0 preventive care that can keep you healthy
  • Help with sensitive topics like bathroom and balance issues
  • Personalized advice to improve your quality of life

Note: You can also complete a physical exam at the same time for vaccines, blood work, and lab tests. Ask your doctor if you can schedule both — and check your plan's Evidence of Coverage (EOC) or Member Handbook for cost-sharing. There can be different charges for added services to your exam visit.

Watch this video to learn more about your visit.

Skip the trip — ask for a virtual visit

Your doctor may be able to talk with you by phone, tablet, or computer. That means you could complete your Annual Wellness Visit from home.

Note: A physical exam can't be completed via virtual visit.

Here's how to tell if a virtual or in-person appointment makes sense for you.

A virtual visit is best when:

  • Getting to your doctor's office is a challenge
  • You have a high-speed internet connection
  • Your device has a working camera and microphone
  • You're only scheduling your Annual Wellness Visit

An in-person visit is best when:

  • You have a car or a ride to your appointment
  • Your internet’s slow or not great with video
  • Your phone or computer isn’t set up to video chat  
  • You want your Annual Wellness Visit and physical exam at the same time 

Talk with your doc

You can share anything on your mind during your visit. Your doctor may have questions too. They'll bring up topics like:

  • Have you recently fallen? Or felt off-balance when standing or walking?
  • Are you getting the right amount of physical activity?
  • Do you have any challenges with bladder control?

Quick tip: Make a list of topics to discuss and have it ready during your visit.


After your visit: Use your benefits to reach your health goals


Find your fitness

Your One Pass™ benefit includes a nationwide network of 27,000+ fitness locations and 34,000+ online classes.


Sharpen your senses

Keep your eyesight and hearing sharp by using your hearing and vision benefits.


Boost your brain power

Improve your cognitive health with BrainHQ, an online program that offers nearly 30,000 brain-boosting activities.

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Call your doctor to make your appointment

Ask for your $0 Annual Wellness Visit — and your physical exam if you want it.
If you need a doctor, use the button to find one.


Contact Member Services using the phone number on the back of your member ID card. You can also sign in to your member account and send us a secure email.

*Your plan covers one Annual Wellness Visit every 12 months. If you're new to Medicare, it's called a Welcome to Medicare visit. Call your doctor or check your claims to see if you're eligible. Please note: Claims may take 180 days or longer to process.


Last updated: May 2024