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You're on the path to better health

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We're here for every healthy step

Great decision: Scheduling and completing your Annual Wellness Visit are easy steps toward feeling your best — mentally and physically.

Together, you and your doctor will make a plan to keep your health on track all year.

And we can help: Use the tips on this page to discuss your health and wellness goals — and your plan benefits to reach them.


Talk with your doc

Discuss these topics anytime:

Health and medical history

Has anything changed in your mental or physical health over the last year?


Current medications 

Are your prescription drugs working?

Preventive care

Are you eligible for no-cost vaccines or screenings (colorectal, breast cancer, and the like)?


Fall risk

Have you fallen recently or had problems with balance or walking?


Bladder control

Do you have bladder control challenges? Your doctor may call this “bladder leakage” or “urinary incontinence.”


Physical activity

Are you getting the right amount of exercise for your lifestyle and ability?


Anything else on your mind?

You can share any health question with your doctor. Tip: Make a list and have it ready. These items can also help you get the most from your visit:

  • Your records for flu, pneumonia, and other vaccines
  • A list of current prescriptions — and any supplements or over-the-counter drugs you take
  • Names and office phone numbers for any medical specialists you see

First timer? Watch this video to learn more about your visit.

You have goals. Use your benefits to reach them.

Find your focus

Improve your memory and attention with BrainHQ, an online program that offers nearly 30,000 brain-boosting activities.

Get moving

Your One Pass™ fitness benefit includes a nationwide network of 27,000+ gyms. Or stay home and choose from 34,000+ online classes.

Sharpen your senses

Keep your eyesight and hearing sharp by using your covered hearing and vision care.

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Last updated: May 2024