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Life Time® Digital fitness program

For employer-provided health plan members

Lady-Getty-Image2.jpgUnlock a healthier you with the Life Time® Digital fitness program at no extra cost. The Life Time Digital app provides access to hundreds of on-demand and live fitness classes, meditations,and nutrition and lifestyle articles to support your wellness goals.

Sign up

Enroll in your Life Time Digital membership today:  

  1. Sign in to your Medica member account
  2. Select “Programs + Tools” under the “Wellness” section in the navigation menu
  3. Under “Life Time Digital,” click “Sign up
  4. Answer a few questions to create your account
  5. Download the Life Time Digital app from the App Store or Google Play to begin your journey

Download on the App Store Download on Google Play

Sign up tips

  • Have your Medica ID card ready and enter your name exactly as it is on your Medica ID card
  • You will be asked for payment information when you sign up, however, you won’t be charged while you’re an active Medica member


Exclusive features:

  • Live streaming and on-demand classes — choose from cardio, strength, yoga, cycling, and more
  • 500+ weekly classes led by top instructors
  • Expert-designed coaching programs covering nutrition, exercise, strength, recovery, and healthy habits
  • Guided meditation with hundreds of hours of support led by a dedicated team of mental health experts
  • Expert-curated, evidence-based resources covering physical, mental, spiritual, and social aspects of a healthy life

The Life Time Digital membership is available at no additional cost to eligible members ages 18+ as part of your benefit plan. It’s not available with all Medica plans. If your coverage with Medica ends, you have the option to cancel or continue your Life Time Digital membership. If you continue, you are responsible for the monthly membership cost.