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My coverage

For Medica MinnesotaCare (MNCare) Members

Here's a summary of your plan benefits.

  • Gym membership at 800+ locations in Minnesota (16,000 nationwide)
  • Large network of doctors, clinics, hospitals, and other health care providers
  • Access to primary or specialty care without a referral
  • $0 rides for children and pregnant women to medical, dental, mental health, and substance use disorder visits

For a complete record of your plan benefits and any plan notices, see your plan documents.

Plan documents

Plan features

Mental health + substance use disorder care

Get information and support on many mental health and wellness issues ranging from relationships and parenting to stress and depression. Visit the Live and Work Well website to get helpful tips, use online tools, search for mental health clinicians, view your behavioral/mental health claims and more. 

Visit Live and Work Well

Learn more about mental health and substance use disorder care

The Self Care by AbleTo mobile app for on-demand help with stress, anxiety, and depression. The app provides coping tools, daily mood tracking, and weekly progress check-ins to help you stay engaged and manage symptoms.

Download from the Apple App Store  or  Google Play


Your plan includes dental coverage, which is managed by Delta Dental® of Minnesota. Delta Dental can help you:

  • Find a dentist
  • Understand your dental benefits
  • With dental claims

Learn about your dental benefits and covered services


Your plan covers a new pair of eyeglasses when medically necessary from our eyewear vendor Eye-Kraft®. Check out the eye care section of your Member Handbook for more information. Choose your eyewear from the catalog below.


Eyewear frame catalog (PDF)

Language resources

We'll contact an interpreter to provide help over the phone. We'll also get you no-cost interpreters for your medical, dental, pharmacy, and mental health and substance use disorder appointments. To request an interpreter, call Medica Member Services.

1-800-373-8335 (toll-free)    (TTY: 711)

Limited English Proficiency (LEP) plan (PDF)

$0 fitness program with gym membership

Members 18 and older are eligible for our $0 fitness program through One Pass™.


  • Gym membership at 16,000 locations nationwide with access to exercise equipment, group exercise classes and other gym amenities
  • More than 20,000 on-demand and live-streaming fitness classes

View a complete list of facilities and options

$0 ride for children and pregnant women

Pregnant women and children can get ride from Medica Provide-a-Ride℠ to and from health care appointments - including medical, dental, mental health, and substance use disorder visits.

Call us at least five days before your appointment - and we'll be happy to provide a cab or bus ride to your appointment.

1-800-373-8335 (toll-free)     (TTY: 711)

Learn more about Provide-A-Ride

Understanding your premium

People 21 and older who are not pregnant will pay a monthly premium and copays for covered health care benefits. Monthly premiums are determined by your income. We don't collect your premium. You'll pay MinnesotaCare directly.

Pay your premium to MinnesotaCare

Understanding your copays

A copay is an amount that you pay your provider when you get care. Copay amounts are listed below.

You pay your copay directly to your provider. Many providers have you pay your copay when you arrive for your appointment. If you get non-emergency care at a hospital emergency room, they may bill you later.

If you can't pay your copay, the provider must still give you care. That's true even if you haven't paid your copay to that provider in the past or if you have other debts to that provider. The provider may still bill you for the unpaid copays.

Copay Amounts


Non-preventive visits with a network provider*


  • Sore throat
  • Diabetes checkup
  • High fever
  • Sore back
  • Other illnesses or injuries




Preventive visits with a network provider


  • Physicals
  • Certain preventive screenings, like cervical cancer screening




Mental health and substance use disorder services








Dental services








Emergency room

If this visit results in an inpatient admission only the inpatient hospital copay will be charged.




Inpatient hospital stay



Copay exceptions

In certain situations, you won't have to pay copays for medical services that are covered by MinnesotaCare. This applies if you:

  • Are an American Indian who receives or has received services from an Indian Health Care Provider or through Indian Health Service Contract Health Services(IHS CHS) referral from an Indian Health Service (IHS) facility 
  • Are pregnant (if you become pregnant, tell your county worker right away)
  • Are under age 21
  • Are receiving hospice care
  • Have been living in a nursing home, hospital or other long-term care facility for more than 30 days

Contact us

8 a.m. – 6 p.m. CT, Monday - Friday

Mailing address:

Route CP540
P.O. Box 9310
Minneapolis, MN 55440

American Indians can continue to use tribal and Indian Health Services (IHS) clinics. We will not require prior approval or impose any conditions for you to get services at these clinics. For elders age 65 years and older this includes Elderly Waiver (EW) services accessed through the tribe. If a doctor or other provider in a tribal or IHS clinic refers you to a provider in our network, we will not require you to see your primary care provider prior to the referral.

Last updated: December 2023