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News Release

Medica Adds HealthPartners and Park Nicollet Hospitals and Clinics to Medicare Plan Medica Advantage Solution® (HMO-PPO) & (PPO)

MINNETONKA, Minn. — Medica today announced it is adding HealthPartners and Park Nicollet hospitals and clinics to the network that serves its Medica Advantage Solution members. The addition adds eight hospitals and about 300 HealthPartners, Park Nicollet, TRIA and Physicians Neck and Back Center locations to the network. The change is effective January 1, 2020.

The hospitals include: Amery Hospital & Clinic, Hudson Hospital & Clinic, Hutchinson Health Hospital, Lakeview Hospital, Methodist Hospital, Regions Hospital, St. Francis Regional Medical Center and Westfields Hospital & Clinic. All providers in the Medica Advantage Solution network can be found at www.medica.com/AdvantageSolutionProviders.

"Our members told us they want access to the HealthPartners and Park Nicollet hospitals and clinics and we are pleased to add them to the Medica Advantage Solution network," said Thomas H. Lindquist, Medica Senior Vice President for Government Programs. "We want our members to understand that we listen to them and have their interests in mind. Including the doctors and facilities that matter most to them we hope will go a long way toward establishing and maintaining that trust."

About Medica Advantage Solution

Medica Advantage Solution features one affordable premium for combined medical and Part D drug coverage, a large network of doctors, clinics and hospitals with out-of-network coverage available for most medical services, and access to 64,000 pharmacies nationwide. The plans also include a SilverSneakers® membership, which provides access to more than 16,000 fitness locations nationwide, and an allowance for the purchase of over-the-counter health and wellness products, reimbursement for eyewear and dental care and coverage for emergency services worldwide.