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News Release

Medica Offers New Ways to Support Pregnant Women

MINNETONKA, Minn. — A new suite of mobile apps will help Medica support women from pregnancy to parenthood. Offered through Ovia Health, the apps offer personalized guidance, support and coaching to help women navigate pregnancy, postpartum and parental awareness. Medica also created a unique program that provides some pregnant members with a supply of prenatal vitamins. The technology and vitamins are available at no cost to eligible Medica members.

Members can download the apps that best meet their needs. They are available from the App Store or Google Play. Some of the features of each app are:

Ovia Fertility

  • Understand cycle predictions and fertility calendar
  • Track symptoms, moods, medications and more
  • Receive feedback and alerts on potential medical concerns

Ovia Pregnancy

  • Receive daily personalized articles and tips
  • Use return-to-work planning tools and support
  • Participate in unlimited coaching with registered nurse health coaches

Ovia Parenting

  • Track baby's feedings, diapers and sleep
  • Get guidance and support for mental health and wellness
  • Participate in unlimited coaching with registered nurse health coaches

Ovia Health is a popular mobile solution that helps improve maternal and infant health. Their apps have a track record of improving clinical outcomes – demonstrating a 30 percent reduction in preterm births. The result is healthier moms, healthier babies and a reduction in the need for intensive and costly interventions.

Some eligible expectant mothers will receive additional pregnancy support through delivery of prenatal vitamins and a supply of Omega via DHA daily capsules from Innovix Labs. The products include appropriate dosing of folic acid, iron, zinc and fish oil. Research indicates that receiving a daily dose of 600mcg of DHA while pregnant is important for a baby's brain and eye development. It may also reduce the chance of a preterm birth, or may reduce the number of days a baby stays in the NICU if the mother does have a preterm birth.

"Medica is transforming the way people are supported in their health journey," said Medica Senior Medical Director Dr. Stacy Ballard, OB/GYN. "Our goal is to make it convenient and easy for our members to engage in their health. Solutions such as Ovia Health and delivering quality products to expecting moms' homes are ways we can improve the chances their babies receive a full 40 weeks in utero, which is the best place for a growing baby."

The Ovia Health apps are available at no cost to women ages 18-46 with Medica health coverage through their employer, Special Needs BasicCare (Medicaid), or those who purchase coverage on their own.