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News Release

Medica 2022 Annual Report: Stories About Working Together to Ensure Good Health for Everyone

MINNETONKA, MINN – Medica today released its 2022 Annual Report: Better Together. The report highlights stories about how Medica's values and relationships support its members and has become a trusted neighbor in the diverse communities it serves.

"For Medica, earning trust means putting those who need care at the center," said John Naylor, Medica President and Chief Executive Officer. "As the stories in our annual report demonstrate, we can't – and don't – do this alone. Person-centered health care can only be realized by working with providers, community organizations, members, and other stakeholders. We are all better together when we do that. I'm proud of what we accomplished together and am honored to share these stories."

The report, which can be found online, highlights Medica's business accomplishments and social impact through the lens of stories from the community. These stories tell how Medica is:

  • Working to help ensure every parent experiences the joy and wonder of bringing a newborn into the world.
  • Breaking down the barriers of stigma, denial, fear, cultural attitudes, and confusion in finding mental health care.
  • Creating a health care environment that lives up to the promise that all are welcome, understood, and cared for.
  • Finding new ways to bring care to people where they are at, especially children.
  • Helping people meet basic needs such as securing a home, finding stable employment, and ensuring there's food on the table.
  • Working together as One Team that's focused on doing what's best for our members and neighbors.

Better Together will leave audiences with an understanding that Medica is a nonprofit and mission-driven organization that works actively with each partner to identify new ways to promote access and equity for everyone it serves.

"We hope that readers of Better Together will see how our passion for our community is represented every day in what we do," Naylor said.

About Medica

Medica (www.medica.com) is a nonprofit health plan headquartered in Minnesota. The company serves communities by providing health care coverage and related services in the employer, individual, Medicaid and Medicare markets. It operates in Minnesota, Arizona, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

Medica's vision is to be trusted in the community for our unwavering commitment to high quality, affordable health care.

Media contact:

Greg Bury
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