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Engagement Solutions

Simple ways to create a healthy culture and promote health and wellness.

Interested in creating a health-centered culture for your work force?
We make it as easy as 1 - 2 - 3.

Step One: Help your employees register on

Help your employees learn about their health with our online health and wellness resources on Once members register and log in, they'll be directed to resources customized to their needs and your plan offerings.

The secure site is personalized and tailored to each individual's unique health situation. It will help employees make important decisions about improving their health. And, the built-in incentive rewards for completing certain health activities are proven to be successful in encouraging employees to make healthier choices.

Register on

Step Two: Encourage employees to take the Compass™ Health Assessment on

Encourage your employees to take the Compass Health Assessment at the "Health and Wellness" tab on The confidential questionnaire gives your employees a report about their current health status, potential health risks and steps they can take to improve their health.

Research has shown that employers have a higher percentage of employees take health assessments when part of a company-sponsored promotion or activity, with a deadline for completion.

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Step Three: Promote ongoing activities

Once your employees have completed their health assessments, it's time to take action and keep them engaged in health and wellness activities. We have additional activities so you can promote health and wellness throughout the year:


Driving healthy change requires simple engagement tactics and doesn't have to cost much. Test out these seven steps to success:

Step One: Capture senior level support

The first step towards creating a well workplace is to capture senior level support.

Step Two: Create a cohesive wellness team

The creation of a healthier workplace requires more than one person; it requires a group of employees, working together toward the same goal.

Step Three: Collect data to drive health efforts

Successful wellness programs collect data regularly. This data allows your wellness team to deliver interventions that are carefully researched, intricately designed, seamlessly implemented, and results oriented.

Step Four: Craft an annual operating plan

An operating plan provides the wellness team with guidance as it considers the organization's needs and priorities while articulating specific goals and objectives.

Step Five: Choose appropriate interventions

Serving as a blueprint, your operating guide will help you determine what interventions (programs) to implement at your worksite.

Step Six: Create a supportive, health-promoting environment

A comprehensive wellness program should include both behavioral and environmental interventions.

Learn simple, inexpensive changes you can make to promote wellness.

Step Seven: Evaluate outcomes

Wellness coordinators and wellness teams can determine the value of their efforts and improve on future initiatives by consistently evaluating outcomes.


Download these steps to building an effective wellness program as a PDF.

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